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View From A Blue Moon - John Florence


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Wayne Gray
This makes me believe there are good people in the world still
Edward Clark
Leaders are running an AMA on Reddit. Ask your question and find out how the project is going
Kenneth Pierce
@DataAPI Implemented new API for transation data from client to server.
Helen Valdez
AI will highlight & emphasize key areas where students need help, allowing teachers to focus on facilitating the learning process
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Netflix hackathon creates eye tracking option for iOS app
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Build a progressive web app using jQuery
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You don’t have to switch tools to review code, share input on projects, or open up the conversation to the rest of your team.
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Managing data in all software or applications becomes simplified when you make use of the best #DatabaseMan
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Free Worksheet included. Read on through or save for later but face the fear of entering your Google Analytics
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With @Dashboard, you can create fully customized and interactive snapshots, scorecards, and dashboards. Visit our live dashboard gallery to see a glimpse of what's possible.